Cancer Vaccine found in Cuba – Cured Thousands

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Cuba have developed a groundbreaking vaccine to prevent lung cancerand now the US want to get their hands on it.

Cuba has developed a cure for lung cancer and the USA desperately wants it.

Cuba found cancer vaccine – 100,000 people are cured!

Ayupp Analysis – Cuba is growing drastically in the field of medicine. At there research centre in the Center de Immunologia Molecula ( also known as Center for Molecular Immunology –CIM), they have developed a vaccine which can cure lung cancer.  This building is also known as thriving hub of biotechnology. The idea to have such research center was proposed by Fidel Castro.

The researchers here have developed an immunologic cancer therapy that can improve survivability for certain varieties of cancer. The clinical trial of the drug has started and some people in United States are already using it.

The news claims that it has cured thousands of people is not fact. It enhances survival chances and doesn’t cure from root.

I came across one interesting fact and would like to inform my reader –

As per WHO ( World Health Organization), The amount of money spent by United States is more than 5 times the amount of money spent per person on healthcare in Cuba. Still Cubans have better life span than Americans. Cubans live an average of 80 years while Americans have average life of 79.

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