Brief Outline: The hoax message on National Highway authority of India, that you have pay Toll ticket only once if you pay a toll for 12 hours.

Ayupp Verification: Fake

Origin: The hoax message on National Highway authority of India, is highly popular and viral on the social media websites.

Viral Example:

- In other messages related to this, it is being said that the National Highway Authority has issued a new rule regarding toll tax. Now with single-double, there will be a 12-hour slip on toll plaza. You will not have toll to return if you come back in 12 hours. Now every month will save thousands of rupees.

If you take ticket at toll plaza, he asks “should I give you one side or both side”, so friends, let me tell you to tell him to issue for 12 hours, not single or double side.

If you come back within 12 hours no toll charges will be applicable. Even the Toll tickets have Time printed on it.

Due to lack of information Toll Plaza people are looting us and earning Lakhs of rupees illegally.

I request you all to send this message to all and make them aware


Requester: Nitin Gadkari

Government of India”

In Hindi

आप टोल प्लाजा पे पर्ची कटवाते हो तो वो पूछता है कि एक साइड की दू या दोनों साइड की
तो मित्रों मैं आपको बता दूं की आप उन्हें कहें कि पर्ची 12 घण्टे की दो
ना कि डबल या सिंगल साइड
अगर आप 12 घंटे में वापस आ सकते हो तो आपको कोई टोल नही लगेगा
पर्ची पर भी समय लिखा होता है

जानकारी के अभाव में हम लोगों से टोल प्लाजा वाले चोर बाजारी करके हर रोज लाखों रुपया हज़म कर रहे है

आप सबसे मेरी दरखास्त है कि इस सन्देश को सब लोगों के पास पहुंचाए ओर जनता को जागरूक करें


निवेदक : नितीन गडकरी
भारत सरकार

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Detailed Analysis: This news viral on the social media sites especially whatsapp and other social media websites, claiming that one do not need to pay toll if coming back within 12 hours.

There is no such notification from the NHAI in its official website.

- According to the NHAI Project Director, the validity of the single-trip slip ends as the vehicle crosses from toll plaza. At the same time, multiple trip slips are to come and go within 24 hours. Multiple slip rent is nearly one and a half times the single trip. There is no slip in the NHAI User Fee Agreement for 12 hours.




- The truth is that there is no such slip like 12 hours apart from single and double. With a single trip slip, the validity of the toll plaza passes through the vehicle. In such a case, if you want to come back within 24 hours from the same toll, get slip of multiple or return trip.

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