Viral Claim: A Spam message on the social media claims of KFC ‘Free is giving 3 free chicken buckets to everyone! For celebrating the 67th Anniversary.’

Facts Check: Fake / False / SPAM

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I love the KFC chicken

KFC ‘Free Chicken Buckets’ Facebook Scam: According to a post currently being shared on Facebook, KFC is giving 3 free chicken buckets to EVERYONE as a way of celebrating the company's 67th anniversary.

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Facts Check Analysis No KFC is not giving away free KFC chicken bucket on its 67th anniversary. It is also advisable not to click the above link as it is directly related to a spam.

The spam is having the KFC logo, however the link doesn’t follows to the KFC original or any of its internal links. The fake / Spam link is, do not click this link. However if you link the link it would lead you to the congratulations page and a spam installation, as the picture shown below.

Text: You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get 3 Chicken Buckets at KFC! We only have 953 Coupon remaining so hurry up!

So, you will never get a free Chicken bucket, don’t be tempted by the free keyword.

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