Petrol tank is filled completely with Petrol then the tanker might explode during summer season.

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Don't full your tank in vehicle with petrol in summer. In summer may cause accident or blast in your vehicle. Fill petrol half in summer.

ઇન્ડિયન ઓઇલ ની ચેતવણી !!! ગરમી ને કારણે આગામી દિવસોમાં તાપમાનમાં વધારો થશે માટે, ટાંકીમા પેટ્રોલ અડધુ જ ભરાવો. અને હવા માટે જગ્યા રાખો ફુલ બળતણ ટાંકીમાં વિસ્ફોટ નુ કારણ બની શકે છે. આ અ વાડિયે 5 અકસ્માતો મહત્તમ પેટ્રોલ ભરવા માટે થયા છે વિસ્ફોટ ને કારણે ફક્ત સંદેશો વાંચી અને બંધ ન કરો. કૃપા કરી ને આ સંદેશ વધુ મા વધુ શેર કરો

Viral Message Sample 2:

Don't fill tank full petrol at summer's dangerous to you.Take care

Due to increase of temperature in the next days, please dont fill petrol to the max. It will/ may cause explosion in the fueltank. If u want petrol, then fill to half and leave a space for air. Best Wishes. During only summer, Leave the funda Fill it, Shut it and forget it.

Viral message Sample 3:

🚫 इंडियन ऑयल ने दी चेतावनी 🚫

आने वाले दिनों में तापमान में वृद्धि होना तय है, इसलिए अपने वाहन में पेट्रोल अधिकतम सीमा तक ना भरवायें । यह ईंधन टैंक में विस्फोट का कारण बन सकता है । कृपया आप अपने वाहन में आधा टैंक ही ईंधन भरवायें और एयर के लिए जगह रखें । इस हफ्ते 5 विस्फोट दुर्घटनाओं की वजह, अधिकतम पेट्रोल भरने से हुआ है ।

कृपया पेट्रोल टंकी को दिन मे एक बार खोल कर अंदर बन रही गेस को बाहर निकल दे ।

#नोट : इस मैसेज को आप अपने परिवार के सदस्यों व अन्य सभी को भेजें, जिससे लोग इस गलती से बच सकें..

Our Analysis – The above message informs that If petrol tank is filled completely with Petrol then the tanker might explode during summer season. As per our understanding, for petrol tank to explode or catch fire requires three factors – fuel, heat and air in correct ratio. Inside the tank there is limited quantity of air and for explosion, the temperature should be almost 247 - 280 centigrade, which will burn human also. Practically, its not possible, unless and until some fire is directly thrown at the petrol tank. For petrol to explode it should be in vapour state.

The petrol tank only explodes in movies and not in real life.

Conclusion – It is not true to say that if a petrol tank is full in summer season then it can explode. In summer also temperature never reaches 247 centigrade. It is fake message.

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