The poisonous snake suddenly entered the SDM office of Gurugram

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Viral Message: A poisonous snake entered in the office of Gurugram's sub-divisional magistrate Bharat Bhushan Gogi.


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 A poisonous snake entered in the office of Gurugram's sub-divisional magistrate Bharat Bhushan Gogi which was affecting the work hours for about one and a half hours.  At the sight of the snake, the staff got out of the office, Later the wildlife department employees caught the snake. After this people breathed in relief.

A snake was seen in the office at Gogia at 1 a.m. on Monday afternoon. After this, the information was given to the Wildlife Department. The team managed to overcome the snake. It was told that a woman in a stole snake wrapped up here. The woman came to the SDM office for pension or any other work. When she felt some heaviness in his stole, he blew it, then the snake wrapped up reached the SDM office.
According  wildlife conservator Vinod Kumar said that the snake has not been released after the rescue. It will be left in the forest area of ​​Aravali

SDM Bharat Bhushan Gogia said he was alerted to the presence of the snake after hearing cries of help from his staff.

"I was in office when I heard screams and noise outside and people came running into my office. They thought the snake was behind them. After some time, the reptile slithered into my chamber," he said.

"I asked my staff to clam down and not hurt the reptile," he said.

The wildlife officials were later called who took the snake away,

  According to the Ayupp news this news in social media is true.

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