Brief Outline: The message claims that times of India have alerted one of the news published by them in order to please certain Muslim and the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Facts Check: True

Viral news Examples: 

3 Muslim AMU students wrote on SM "Nara-e-Tak-Beer, Kingfisher-Akbar.. Kingfisher Akbar". They drank liquor during Iftar of Ramazan. Now, 3 AMU students booked for distorting Islamic religious slogan. TOI changed the content but i took screenshot: 1) Real Report 2) Edited Report

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Facts Check Analysis: In news published earlier the Times of India has reported that “Three Muslim Sudents of AMU were booked on Saturday for allegedly posting an Islamic religious slogan with derogatory modification on social media while drinking liquor.”, However latter they altered the text which is still available on the website as “A case was registered against three students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) on Saturday evening here after a Twitter post, which "offended" religious sentiment of a community, was shared and condemned widely.”

The news was posted by a twitter user as

(Archive here)

Indeed a incident has happened and Tarek Fatah has tweeted earlier “Death threat by Indian Islamists from Jinnah-loving AMU to fellow Muslims. Their crime? They drank beer in Ramzan (Ramadan). Meanwhile a Muslim police officer has charged the beer drinkers. Is AMU in India or Pakistan? cc. ⁦@ZeeNewsHindi⁩ ⁦@dna⁩ ⁦@Ibne_Sena⁩”. So it is true some Muslim youth drank beer and they were even threatened as well. Some sections of the AMU filed the complaint against the students for allegedly posting Islamic religious slogans with derogatory remarks.


The police registered a case against the three students under section 295 of India Penal Code, they were also booked under IT Act.

In the present age of journalism all want’s to be on the safe side and do not want to lose their support from any section of the society. Changing the content after publishing clearly points to the facts that times of India is not having guts to take on it’s own claim. Many of the left leaning media never publish such news where the minorities have done the crime or the majority are in the receiving end as well.

Aligarh Muslim University and controversial have always been synonymous to each other.

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