Vampire Mercy Brown Body Coffin opened Blood found in her Heart

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Opening Mercy’s coffin, the onlookers were shocked to see that Mercy’s body was in pristine condition. And some sources say her body was not in the position it had been buried and that her fingernails and hair had grown significantly. There was no decay. Upon further examination, liquid blood was found in her heart and other areas of her body. It was quickly concluded that Mercy was a vampire and that she was the culprit of Edwin’s lingering disease.

Ayupp Analysis – The story about mercy brown, The Vampire became popular during the 1890s. Mercy Brown was youngest among three siblings. Her elder brother and sister died due to Tuberculosis. Later on she also died due to TB. In those days people were not aware with TB, as due to this blood used to come out form mouth. That made people to think about this disease in a different perspective.

After the death of all three children’s, the people started to think that three deaths in a row cannot be coincidence and something might have gone wrong. So they decided to unearth all three coffins. Coffin of Mercy Brown was most suspicious. As no changes was seen in the body structure and even her nails and hair had grown drastically. Apart from that her body has shifted from normal position in which it was buried. Her heart also contained blood. All these incidents led them to think that she is an vampire and had killed her two siblings.

This incident is also popularly known as Mercy Brown Incident which took place in 1892. This incident took place in Rhode Island, popularly known as New England. They are also famous as Vampires for Rhode Island.     

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