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Brief Outline: मक्का में मजार पर दूध चढाता ईरान का मुस्लीम युवक🚩कहा मैं पहले हिन्दु था

Facts Check: Doubtful

What is Viral? 

मक्का में मजार पर दूध चढाता ईरान का मुस्लीम युवक🚩
कहा मैं पहले हिन्दु था

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Facts Check Analysis: The video shows a man pouring some liquid over a black colored cloth. It is not much sure from which place the video has been made.

However as reported by Daily times this video is from Kaaba, this man was caught by the people and handed over to the police..

It is not much clear from the video that what is spread on the black cloth and whether this place is kaaba.

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