Brief Outline: I have right to pray,but no right to desecrate. I am nobody to speak on SC verdict as I'm a serving cabinet minster. Would you take sanitary napkins seeped in menstrual blood into a friend's home? No.Why take them into house of God?"

Facts Check: Fake

What is Viral? 

That is not what @smritiirani said. She was clearly talking about an activist who wanted to smuggle a sanitary napkin into the temple only to provoke. Nothing dirty or cheap about sanitary napkin but does it belong in a temple or a dining table or living rooms of our homes?

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Facts Check Analysis: No Smriti Irani do not wanted to comment on the activist directly, however there were reports that published by other websites claiming that activists trying to enter the Sabarimala temple had carried sanitary napkins along with them.

A news carried out by IndusScrolls titled Shocking: Muslim woman activist carried sanitary napkins in her irumudi, wanted to throw it at Ayyappa idol, it stated “Rehana Fathima, the Kiss of Love activist, carried sanitary napkins and garbage from dustbins in her ‘irumudi kettu’,   say media reports. Irumudi kettu (a kit) is part of a devotee’s paraphernalia which ideally should contain articles for puja and abhishekam to be performed inside the temple. Devotees carry irumudi on their heads to Sabarimala. Filling coconut with ghee is a pious activity.Usually women in the household pour ghee into the coconut which is used for abhishekam.”

So what did Smiriti Irani said,

So Smiriti Irani did not point to any person in the comments she made.

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