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Confirmation by Ayupp.com – Aadhar linking to Voter id has already started.

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AADHAAR is linked to PAN
AADHAAR is linked to bank account
AADHAAR is linked to LPG connection
AADHAAR is linked to social benefit schemes

Ever wondered why AADHAAR is not linked to Voter id card (EPIC) - that's the hypocrisy of political parties.
All their dead voters will not be able to vote.
Spurious voting will be eliminated with biometrics
Duplicate/triplicate voter ids will disappear.
Illegal Bangladeshi migrants can't vote.
Maoists who don't have AADHAAR cards can't vote.
Kashmiri separatists who don't want to be Indian citizens can't vote.....
Anyone can vote anywhere.

So many benefits.... real *Swachh Bharat* can begin there with cleansing of electoral system. Just linking AADHAAR to EPIC will eliminate bogus voting.


Ayupp Analysis – Social media is a platform where any news propagates like a jungle fire. A news has been spread from last couple of months, that why aadhar card is not linked to Voter id. Aadhar linkage with bank account, PAN, LPG and other social benefits scheme’s has been made mandatory. And there are some noble thinkers who have come to conclusion that our Prime Minister is Feku and he would never consider linking of aadhar and voter id.

The reason behind that is bogus votes. Really? They think that it BJP gets duplicate/triplicate votes from same person. Not only India, even Bangladeshi people vote here for BJP only. The appeal is good, but intention is not.

We came to know that linking of aadhar card has already started with voter id. Though it is not made mandatory till now.

Follow below steps to link aadhar card to voter id-

Step 1: Open the below link


Step 2: Please enter following details

– Name,  Age / DOB, Father’s / Husband’s Name, Gender, State, District Constituency

After all above details are filled, Click “Search”

Step 3: Based on your data, the election commission will validate it against its database and if the record is found correctly, then it will be displayed as search result.

Step 4:  Now, you are required to “Feed aadhar no”. A links with this name will be created. Also, enable pop up blocker in your browser.

Step 5: Enter below details in the pop up window -

– Name in Aadhaar, EPIC Number (It is your Voter Id Number),  Aadhaar No.,  Mobile No. (Select owner of Mobile i.e.whose mobile no is this) and Email Id

Enter submit button on completion

Step 6: Below message will be displayed on submit -

'Your request for linking Aadhaar number with Electoral Roll database has been successfully registered.'

You can also link voter id using mobile SMS:

Step 1: To link aadhaar card to voter id through SMS type,

ECILINKEPIC_NumberAadhaar Number

Step 2: Send this SMS to 166 or 51969

Please note that Standard SMS charges will apply.

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Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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