Horrific! Stray dogs mauled a 4 year old girl in Bhopal, saved by a stranger

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Bhopal, Jan 02: A heart-wrenching video of the terror of stray dogs has surfaced in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. A group of dogs surrounded and attacked an innocent four-year-old girl, injuring her badly. The girl suffered injuries on her head, ears and hands. Along with the face, there have also been wounds on the stomach, waist and shoulder. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV cameras installed in the area. Regarding this incident, notice has now been issued by the State Human Rights Commission to the Municipal Corporation Bhopal and the health officials of the district.

The matter is being told of last Saturday evening. According to the information, the girl's father Rajesh Bansal works as a labourer in the house under construction. On Saturday evening, their four-year-old daughter Guddi was playing there, when a herd of stray dogs ran over the girl. The dogs also ran to escape, but a herd of dogs surrounded her and attacked her.

Dogs scratched the girl, the young man saved her life The dogs started scratching the girl. Hearing the screams of the girl, a young man reached there and drove away from the dogs by pelting stones. After this, Guddi was taken to Jaypee Hospital in a bleeding condition. From here he was referred to Hamidia Hospital. Doctors sent the girl home after treatment.

Human Rights Commission issued a notice, sought a reply Taking cognizance of this matter, the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has sought a response from the Municipal Corporation Commissioner Bhopal and officials of the Health Department of District Administration Bhopal on the incident in the next seven days. On behalf of the commission, the Municipal Corporation and Commissioner Bhopal have been asked to give detailed information on these points.

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