India: A Distressing footage of a man named Ashok Bharti, 54, who approached the elephant for a selfie turned dangerous for him in Kuanramunda forest in India. He was was trampled to death by an elephant after trying to pose for a selfie with the wild animal.

Compensation will be given to the family members of Bharti as per the conservator for forest JK Mohanty.

As per the uploader who uploaded this video posted a message on the social media as well. The person has written that

The animal charged towards him, sending Bhati fleeing for his life for just a few seconds before tripping. Footage taken by villagers from a safe distance, then showed the elephant charge straight over Bharti - crushing him within an inch of his life.

Bharti was rushed to hospital after suffering severe injuries, but he died on the way. The incident happened on Saturday morning when forest rangers were trying to rescue the elephant. Bharti a resident of the city of Cuttack, in the eastern state of Odisha, was working with a private company in the Sundargarh district when he was killed. Assistant Conservator of Forest JK Mohanty told the India Times : "We were trying to drive away the tusker [elephant] with the help of local people. "But suddenly a person present there among locals, went nearer to the tusker and tried to take a photograph of the elephant on his mobile phone. “He was also trying to take a selfie with the elephant when it turned on him."

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