People around the world have a habit of eating the chips and often many buy large to small packets of this chips every day. But did you know why the chips packet were often half empty and did you not feel cheated and complained that why the packet is half full.

People often thought the packets look big and air is filled to make the chips bigger and havier.

Well the answer is the packets are filled with a gas known as Nitrogen and there are many reasons to have this gas inside the packet. Let us know why the packets are filled with Nitrogen.

Gas is filled in the packet of chips to prevent the breaking of chips during transportation and handling. To overcome the breaking problem, some chips companies like Pringles started to sell their chips in a can.

Oxygen  cannot be used as it is very reactive. If chips bags were filled with oxygen, bacteria growth will be faster in it.

Gases like oxygen can cause moisture inside the packet.

The use of nitrogen ensures that chips will remain crispy and bacteria free.

As per Eat Treat, a packet of

  1. Lays is filled with 85% nitrogen
  2. Uncle Chips and Bingo Mad Angles are filled with 75% nitrogen
  3. Taka Tak and Kurkure have 30% and 20 % nitrogen respectively.

So next time you see a chips packet half full, don’t get angry and as of now please promote this news so that other’s can also know the truth and they are happy as well.

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Isabella is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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