Fact check: Convey of PAK cars video passed off as security provided to NZ team

News Claim: A picture of a huge convoy of cars is widely shared among Pakistan users claiming, the New Zealand Cricket team found this security arrangement inadequate

Viral message on WhatsApp today, Social Media claims:

The New Zealand Cricket team found this security arrangement inadequate.

Seriously ??? The New Zealand Cricket team found this security arrangement inadequate and suddenly abandoned the game hours before it was due!

#NewZealand plans have failed, because instead of trying to give #Pakistan a bad image, cricketers from around the world are tweeting that Pakistan is a SAFE place to play cricket, as touring teams are provided with the same high and intense security protocols that are given to visiting “Heads of States”!

A country that failed in detecting a security threat on “HOME SOIL” when the #Christchurch mosque attack took place (which took 51 lives and injured 40), has suddenly excelled in identifying a security plot in another country!

Shame on the #Blackcaps NewZealand Cricket Team & Jacinda Ardern for playing “dirty politics” in the name of sports! The Pakistan Cricket Team/Board stood by NZ in their time of need and this is how they repay Pakistan, by stabbing them in the back!

It’s not the 1st time politics has played a part in harming cricket within Pakistan and it won't be the last… in the past few years, Pakistan has successfully had many International Teams touring and will not be deterred in the future to invite Teams.

I hope the England Cricket Team and ECB make the right decision and go ahead with the Tour… otherwise it's their loss!

News Verification: The image shared on social media is not recently shot, it is an old image. This security was provided to the Sri Lankan cricket team which went to Pakistan in 2019.

The Sri Lankan cricket team toured Pakistan in September and October 2019 to play three One Day Internationals (ODIs) and three Twenty20 International (T20I) matches against the Pakistan cricket team.

The Sri Lankan team toured Pakistan in 2009. The militants then attacked the bus carrying the Sri Lankan soldiers. The Sri Lankan team that went to participate in the 2nd ODI against Pakistan has been given the maximum security.


News verdict: Old Picture of security provided to Sri Lankan team after the attack on the team in 2019

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