Did Dr Devi Shetty said the people died of too much exercise

News Claim: Recently A message circulation on social media attributed to Dr Shetty that In the last few years, I have lost at least 8 to 9 people known to me personally and they died because of excessive exercise.     

Viral on Social Media:  Dr Devi Shetty

For all my friends...

In the last few years, I have lost at least 8 to 9 people known to me personally, and a few celebrities too, who were in their 40s who died because of doing too much to be "fit". Unfortunately, they only looked fit, six-packs and all. Today

News Verification: The post is widely shared on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, however, the attribution of the message to Dr Devi Shetty is not correct.

Narayana Health issued a statement for the viral message and said, “NH would like to clarify that this forwarded message, supposedly from Dr Devi Shetty, is fake and did not originate from his office. Any reference or attribution made to him is incorrect”

We found an interview of Dr Shetty with times now where he says, “Indians are genetically 3 times more vulnerable for heart attack than Europeans. Every 40-yr-old male Indian is a heart patient unless proven otherwise: Dr Devi Shetty, Chairman & Executive Director, Narayana Health, tells Rahul Shivshankar on INDIA UPFRONT”

News Verdict ayupp.com: False. 

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