News Claim: The controversy over the controversial remarks made by former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on Prophet Muhammad is not taking its name to stop. Meanwhile, a video is going viral on social media, about which it is being claimed that Indian Hindus from Qatar are being fired by the company there. The video has been shared on several handles on social media with this claim. It is being said that Indians living in Qatar are being evacuated from there.

It is being said in the video that the peninsular Arab country is sending Hindus back to India. In the video, a large group of men are seen standing outside a building. By sharing these photos and videos, people are writing that Indians are being evacuated on a large scale from Arab countries like Qatar.

अरब देशों से हिन्दुस्तानियों को वापस भेजा जा रहा हे ....गोडसे वाली नफ़रत ने पेहले ही देश के युवाओं को बेरोज़गार बना कर ब्रबाद कर चुकी हे ...जो बच के अरब देशों मे नौकरी कर रहे थे उनकी नौकरी भी इस नफ़रत का शिकार हो गई ....

— khurram siddiqui (@Khurraminc) June 9, 2022


 News Verification: The viral video and the Nupur Sharma scandal have nothing to do with each other This video is from March, according to India Today. As a result, it has nothing to do with the Nupur Sharma incident. This video is from the QN Qatar channel, according to a Rodex International YouTube search, and it was shared until March 29, 2022. In which it was confirmed that the latest dispute had nothing to do with it.

News Verdict: This video was discovered to be from March, much before the dispute arose, and hence unrelated to it.



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