Fact Check: Quran recitation from Priyanka Gandhi Varanasi rally

News Claim: A video circulated of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi from a recent rally from Varanasi, it is being claimed that Islamic prayer was recited during the event.

Social Media Claims: A post circulated by BJP’s national spokesperson Sambit Patra on social media alleged the prayer was recited to appease the Muslim community.

So Priyanka Vadra and Congress.Did this in their Varanasi Rally on 14 Oct to appease …


News Verification: The video shared on social media is a collage of two videos related to Priyanka Gandhi’s Varanasi rally. As claimed in the video there was an Islamic prayer recited during the event. In the video verses of the Quran can be heard while Priyanka can be seen standing silently while the verses was been recited. In the second video group of men opposing the recitation of the Quran during the rally.

Indian National Congress (INC) social media head tweeted another video from the same rally where Hindu prayer can be heard

We searched for the entire video rally from the Varanasi rally and found that indeed recitation or prayer of all religion was being done to prove that congress is a Secular party. The verses from the Quran can be heard is clipped from around the sixth minute of this video. Following this, the Sikh prayer can also be heard being recited on the stage.

Priyanka started the rally with Durga stuti

News Verdict ayupp.com: False

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