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Taliban, This picture of Muslim women in chains is edited and altered

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News Claim: An image viral on social media claims that three Muslim women walking on a road are chained.  

Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media claims: After the Taliban recaptured Afghanistan, many pictures are becoming viral on social media, which is being linked to the return of the Taliban. In one such picture going viral, three women wearing burqa can be seen walking behind a middle-aged man. In the picture, three women are chained to their feet, one end of which is visible in the hands of a middle-aged man walking ahead.

कभी सामन्त तो कभी अत्याचारी कभी जातिवादी तो कभी लूटेरे जाने कैसी कैसी उपाधियों से नवाजा कभी जयचंद्र तो कभी मानसिंह पर आरोप लगाए,कभी जोधा का नाम लेकर नीचा दिखाया गया तो कभी महाराणा या सांगा के युद्ध हार जाने की दुहाई देकर,जब जब राष्ट्र ने प्राणों की आहुति मांगी क्षत्रिय जान हथेली

News Verification: With help of Google reverse image search to check the veracity of the claim of the image. During a search, a report published on 29 August 2017 on the website of moderndiplomacy.eu found bearing the original image. It can be clearly seen in this picture that no chains on the woman's feet.



News verdict: False, This picture of Muslim women seen in chains is edited. The original photo was taken in Baghdad in 2003, with the help of editing, adding chains to women's legs and making it viral with the false claim.

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This photo was taken in Baghdad.The man and his women walking to the city center.

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