Brief Outline: Message Viral, “It seems that now after Kashmir, it is now the turn of West Bengal, in West Bengal, the idols of the mother being built for Navratri were fragmented.”

Facts Check: True but old video

Viral News on Social media:

लगता है अब कश्मीर के बाद अब पश्चिम बंगाल की बारी है,पश्चिम बंगाल में नवरात्रि के लिए बनाई जा रही माता की मूर्तियों को खंडित किया गया।
क्या करे ऐसे सूअरों का??? फिर कहते हैं माॅब लिंचिंग।
हिन्दुओ को ललकारो मत, इतिहास उठाकर देख लेना सूअरों।

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Facts Check Analysis: A video showing broken idols is being shared on the social media, claiming to be from West Bengal. The video is being shared with narrative “After Kasmir, now it turn of West Bengal”.

There are multiple videos available on social media claiming it to have uploaded 4 years ago, in 2015 and this are not of recent. Different social media users have shared the information with the same narrative that idols are being destroyed. All uploaded at the same time.

25 idols of Maa Kali beheaded, desecrated in Harua village, Purshura block, Hooghly, WB last night. Happy Dhanteras


worldhindunews, shared the news on its platform and stated,” A recent report tells us that 25 idols of “Maa Kali”, the Kali Puja is observed the night before Deepawali were beheaded and desecrated in Hooghly district of West Bengal in the evening of November 8, 2015, with the police not having taken any action against the mischief-makers.”

Seeing all the different post on the social media, we can assume the idols has been Destructed.

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