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Afghan ambassador's daughter with bruises and blood mark is not real

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News Claim: A picture of the Afghan ambassador's daughter started going viral on social media. The woman seen in this picture has bruises and blood marks on her face. It is being said with the picture that the daughter of the Ambassador of Afghanistan was kidnapped from Islamabad and tortured after 6 hours and thrown on the road.

Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media

In pic is the Daughter of #Afghan ambassador who was kidnapped, tormented and brutally beaten in Pakistan!!

Diplomats have been attacked and harrassed since long  but tormenting their children is highly disgraceful on part of #failedstatepakistan

Daughter of Afghan ambassador who was kidnapped from Jinnah Super, Islamabad and thrown away after 6 hours of torture near Tehzeeb Bakery Blue Area Islamabad, badly tortured

Archived versions can be found here

News Verification: Ayupphas found that the claim of kidnapping and torturing the Afghan ambassador's daughter Silsila Alikhil is true but the picture being shared with the claim is not of her, but living in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Gul Chahat, a transgender dancer and video maker on Tik-Tok. After the picture of Gul Chahat went viral in the name of Silsila Alikhil, Afghan Ambassador Najibullah Alikhil himself released the picture of his daughter Silsila and said that the picture going viral is wrong. Gul Chahat posted a picture with bruises and blood on her face on her social media account two days ago.

The kidnapping of the Afghan ambassador's daughter in Pakistan had become headlines in the international media. That's why we first checked the news related to this incident. We got several media reports about the kidnapping of Silsila Alikhil in Pakistan. In these reports, there has been talking of kidnapping and torturing the daughter of an Afghan ambassador in Pakistan, but no picture of her has been used anywhere in these reports.

Many Pakistan users pointed to the same theory, stating that it is propaganda of India.

On further investigation, we found a tweet by the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Najibullah Alikhil on the night of 18 July. There was also a picture of a girl in this tweet. Clarifying about the viral picture, he wrote in the Pashto language, "Sorry: I was forced to post my daughter's picture of Silsila Alikhil here because someone else's picture was wrongly posted on social media, I don't know him at all. Thanks."

News verdict: False

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