Did Manpreet Singh refuse to accept award until Agriculture laws are cancelled

News Claim: The Indian men's hockey team brought the country a medal in the Olympics after 41 years and the whole of India celebrated it. But in the meantime, those spreading propaganda also became active and spread it on social media that the captain of the team has refused to accept the award.

Viral message on WhatsApp today & other Social Media: A message viral on social media claims that, “Manpreet Singh Captain Hockey Team refused to accept Award Money from Modi Govt until 3 black Agriculture laws are cancelled”  

News Verification: As can see the viral post on social media, it is claimed that hockey team captain Manpreet Singh has refused to accept the award money from the Narendra Modi government till he withdraws the three black laws of agriculture. This post has been done from the page of With RG (in support of Rahul Gandhi). Where 8,32, 178 people follow this page.

The post has got 11 thousand likes, 1000 comments and 1.7 shares.

We did not find any news on media stating the above fake news as shared from the Facebook group. However, we got a post by Manpreet Singh praising the PM. He shared on his tweet replying back to the PM, “Thank you so much sir for your encouragement, never-ending support for me and the team - this is not the last, we will work harder to bring more Laurel for the nation! Jai Hind”


News verdict: False

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