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News Claim: A claim related to the pink stones used in the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya is becoming viral on social media. Social media users have claimed that "the Rajasthan government has banned mining of pink stones to obstruct the construction of the Ram temple!"



#भगवान श्री राम मंदिर के लिए #राजस्थान के बंशी पहाड़पुर से जाने वाले #लाल_पत्थर पर राजस्थान की #कांग्रेस सरकार ( अशोक जी ) ने रोक लगा दी ।

Posted by Narpat Singh on Sunday, 13 September 2020

Twitter user Ranjit Savarkar twitted

‘’कांग्रेस को अयोध्या में राम मंदिर निर्माण जरा भी अच्छा नहीं लग रहा है तभी तो राजस्थान की कांग्रेस सरकार ने मंदिर में इस्तेमाल होने वाले गुलाबी पत्थर के खनन पर रोक लगा दी है। और करीब ढाई दर्जन ट्रक जब्त किए गए हैं। इससे मंदिर निर्माण में बाधा उत्पन्न हो सकती है। धिक्कार है।‘’

In our investigation this claim turned out to be misleading. The mining of pink stone has been banned since 1996 in Banshi Paharpur, Rajasthan. This was stopped on the order of the Supreme Court.

News Verification: The fact is that no one has a lease to do mining in the hills. Nevertheless, stone has been coming out from here through illegal mining. On December 12, 1996, the Supreme Court banned the mining of sandstones (slab stone) found in the Banshi Paharpur area of ​​Bharatpur district. The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India made the Environment Clearance mandatory for mining in the area on 1 June 2016. The Government of India declared the Banshi Paharpur area as an Eco-sensitive zone on 26 December 2018.

Verdict: In our investigation, we found that the news is misleading.


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