Video of Cruise ship passing through thick passage viral, Gujarat

News Claim: A video of a cruise ship viral on social media stating that it is from Gujarat.

भावनगर से भरूच रोड की दूरी है 350 किलोमीटर , और समुद्री रास्ते से इसकी दूरी है 32 किलोमीटर, और इसी समुद्री रास्ते से प्रधानमंत्री ने जहाज द्वारा एक सर्विस चालू की है इस जहाज की क्षमता एक बार मे 50 ट्रक, 60 बसे, 200 कारे, 350 मोटरसाइकिल, 600 लोगो को, और समय सिर्फ आधे घंटे में

Bhavnagar to Bharuch road has a distance of 350 kilometers, and by sea route, it is 32 kilometers, and by this sea route, the Prime Minister has started a service by the ship. The capacity of this ship is 50 trucks, 60 buses, 200 cars at once. 350 motorcycles, 600 people, and time in just half an hour. 

Truth and Verification: The video of the ship passing through a narrow canal is not from Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India, but the ship is sailing through the narrow Corinth Canal in Greece, Also known as a Narrow Man-Made Shipping Canal

The Corinth Canal in Greece is one of the oldest such canals in the world and a very important navigational route in the Greek archipelago connecting the Gulf of Corinth with the Saronic Gulf.

Several other videos also suggest that the video is not from India, but of a canal in Greece.


A picture of the same cruise was earlier tweeted by a cruise company Fred Oslen on October 9, 2019 stating, “And she's through! Today #Braemar made history as the longest ever ship to cruise through the #CorinthCanal.”


Verdict: False

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