Driving license rules and regulations, How easy it is to get a new driving license

New Delhi: The driver will no longer need to carry documents like driving license, registration certificate (RC), insurance, pollution certificate in the car. The traffic police will not ask you for this. The Union Road Transport Ministry has issued a notification in this regard, which will come into effect from October 1, 2020. The government has said that all the documents related to the vehicle including driving license and e-challan will be maintained from October 1, 2020, through an information technology portal.

The Central Government has amended the Motor Vehicles Rules 1989. Under which all driving license, e-challan, and other vehicle-related documents will be maintained through an information technology portal. This rule will be applicable nationwide from 1 October. In such a situation, during the checking of vehicle documents, no paper will be sought from the owner of the documents of the vehicles found valid through electronic means are checked.

Identification and inspection time of the police officer or any other official of the State Government authorized on the demand of any document related to the car will be recorded on the portal. The central government has eased rules to get driving licenses. Now the Aadhaar card will be used to create an online driving license, renew the license, register the vehicle, and change the address in the related documents. According to the new rule, if a policeman does not have a test device, he will be able to download the software on the smartphone and check the paper of the vehicle. It will be the responsibility of the investigation to conduct the investigation itself. The owner will not be questioned for not keeping the car documents. If the vehicle is issued challan and the vehicle owner does not pay the challan, then the transportation tax will have to be paid.

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