Identify Fake Rs 2000 Notes: Ever since Rs 2000 notes has been in market it has been in constant news. Especially for it’s over availability and less availability of Rs 500 notes. However still after two months notes can be found with some glitches on it like the Madhya Pradesh, Sheopur where Gandhi’s image was missing from the note.

It is tough for the new users of these notes to find out the difference, as they are still new and people still are using much of it. Many people are doing their transaction above 500 in online transfer are safe.

The Rs 2,000 currency note can be measured 66mm x 166mm, the best start to find out between real and fake.

Lets us go through some of the methods from which we can find the real Rs 2000 notes (Front side features).

* If you hold up the note against light you can see through register with denominational numeral 2000 printed.

* The latent image of numeral 2000 can be seen if the Currency is tilted up to 45 degree angle.

* You have to verify the Devanagari text, of the numeral २००० on the Note, which is on the lef =t hand side of the Mahatma portrait.

* Look for watermarks of Mahatma Gandhi and electrotype 2,000 numeral in the center

* There are micro letters 'RBI' and '2000' on the left side of the banknote.

* There is a windowed security thread with inscriptions 'भारत', RBI and 2000 on banknotes with colour changing security thread. Colour of the thread changes from green to blue when the note is tilted.

* Look for the Guarantee Clause, Governor, Urijit Patel's signature with Promise Clause and RBI emblem towards right.

* Verify that the denominational numeral with Rupee Symbol, '2000' in color changing ink (green to blue) on bottom right.

* There is the Ashoka Pillar emblem on the right and Mahatma Gandhi portrait and electrotype (2000) watermarks.

* See if the number panel with numerals are growing from small to big on the top left side and bottom right side.

* Seven raised angular bleed lines on the right and left side

Turn over the note to verify these matches: (reverse side feature)

* Check for the year of printing of the note is on the left for the current year 2016.

* Swachh Bharat logo with slogan on the left.

* Language panel is located towards the centre.

* Motif of Mangalayan covers most part of the rear side of the note.

* Finally, the denomination numeral in Devanagari २००० is on right.

Other features in the note which can help the visually impaired to identify the fake Rs. 2,000 notes are:

* Seven angular bleed lines on left and right side are in raised print.

* The Mahatma Gandhi portrait, Ashoka Pillar emblem, seven bleed lines and identity mark have raised printing.

* The horizontal rectangle with '2000' is in raised print on the right.

Hope our latest update on the Rs 2000 notes help the users from falling into the trap of fake notes and you can identify Rs 2000 asli note.

About The Author

Chetan Sharma is an Indian fact-checker and news writer, writing news for Ayupp since 2014.

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