How to know the changed price of Petrol and Diesel every day?


New Delhi: From 16th June (Friday), prices of petrol and diesel will change everyday, i.e. petrol and diesel prices will be reviewed daily by oil companies. After this review, oil prices will be fixed. The prices will be change every day morning at 6 a.m. In such a situation, the problem with the general public will be how he will know the real value of fuel. We are going to tell you about some similar services, from which you will be able to check prices of petrol and diesel.

How to know the changed price of Petrol and Diesel every day?

Considering the convenience of consumers of Indian Oil, India's largest oil company, has launched a mobile app Fuel @ IOC. This app is available on Apple App Store and Google's Play Store. To find out the prices of petrol and diesel, you must first create an account. After that click on the 'Locate Us' tab. After clicking, the map will appear in front of the user, in which all the gas stations in the surrounding areas will comeup. User can click on the map to get information on prices.

Like Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum Corp have also introduced the app. Through which you can know about the prices of petrol and diesel everyday. Not only this, from this app you can get more information on the gas stations, petrol facilities available near you. This app also has the option of the offer zone which is directly linked to the company's Petro Smartcards.

Besides the customer app, you can also find out the prices by using the help of messages. For this, the consumer has to send 'RSP DEALER CODE to 92249-92249. The dealer code will be prominently written inside each petrol pump complex. Customers of Bharat Petroleum will have to send a message to 9223112222 and Hindustan Petroleum subscribers 9222201122 by writing the same pattern.

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