Do excessive consumption of sugar increases the risk of cancer?

As we are aware that diabetes and obesity increase due to excessive consumption of sugar. But a research has shown that excessive consumption of sugar increases the risk of cancer. Scientists from three Dutch universities started studying in this direction in 2008.

Researchers arrive at the conclusion after nine years of research that cancer cells from sugar are active and tumor grows rapidly. During the research, a thorough study of the barburg effect was studied. In fact, Barburg was a German scientist who in one of his studies in 1920 said that cancer cells produce more energy due to sugar or glucoses. The report is known as the Barburg Effect.

Scientists involved in the research say that after this new research, it will be very helpful in regulating the treatment of cancer patients. It will be very easy to understand the relationship between barburg effect, tumor growth and cancer. According to scientists, the research has proven that acupuncture in the form of sugar as a food leads to rapid growth of cancer cells. This study will also provide information about the methods of prevention of cancer and awareness will spread.

So, the question is should we avoid sugar?

“Your body’s cells use sugar to keep your vital organs functioning,” says Clare McKindley, clinical dietitian at MD Anderson’s Cancer Prevention Center. “But too much daily sugar can cause weight gain. And, unhealthy weight gain and a lack of exercise can increase your cancer risk.

How much sugar is good?

For a women it should be no more than six teaspoons per day (25 grams), and men should have no more than nine teaspoons per day (37 grams), says the American Heart Association. This equals to about 100 calories for women and 150 for men.


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