Who is Matthieu Ricard – He was born on 15th Feb 1946 in France. He is known as the happiest man in the world. He got his PhD degree in molecular genetics in 1972. After completing it, drastic changes came to his life and he decided to practice Tibetan Buddhism. He shifted from France to Himalayas. Currently he lives in Nepal.

Teachings of Matthieu Ricards – 5 Rules to remain happy:

  1. The first thing you see in the morning should be yellow – As per Mr Happy Man, as soon as we open our eyes from sleep in morning, we should see anything yellow. It could be yellow curtains or yellow sunlight. And close our eyes for 30 seconds after that. It makes our day filled with happiness. This is the reason smiley is also yellow.
  2. Need to do Happiness exercise every 1-2 hours in a day – Whenever possible, we should stretch both of our hands for 10 seconds. It makes blood to flow properly in our body and energizes us to think better and makes our mind fresh.
  3. Keep photos of your loved ones nearby – If possible, keep photos of your loved near yourself and keep looking at them. It makes you feel near to them and gives you strength to live life more beautifully.
  4. Green grass – Watching green grass also improves the happiness factor.
  5. Laughter is best therapy – Keep laughing and smiling throughout the day, whether you have a reason or not.

Watch the video from TED - From Matthieu Ricard realted to Habbit of Happiness - 

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