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Love story of bicycle man, who finds his missing wife after 8 monhs

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UP, Meerut: Where there is will there is way, this fit in for Tapeshwar Singh, a 40-year-old migrant from Bihar, who never lost his hope in finding his lost wife and kept on searchin her wife, until one day.

Tapeshwar Singh’s married to Babita for 3 years, until suddenly she missing in March.

Tapeshwar Singh is a daily wage earner, whose happiness lied in the presence of Babita, he would cycle for hours in the hope of finding the love of his life and He didn’t even bothered for food to eat on a lot of days, but that didn’t stop him.

He would ride for hours to find his lost wife Babita's posters at both the ends of his vehicle, Singh rode to places to find his beloved wife.

The man from Bihar started looking for his wife despite invincible difficulties. According to The Times of India, Singh used to ride on his bicycle for hours without having money in his pocket and eating anything.

Earlier this year, Singh was told by some of his acquaintances that a pimp of Meerut had taken Babita to a red light area to be trafficked.

Eventually, Singh came to know that the pimp had brought Babita to be sold but could not due to his wife's mental condition.

The Uttar Pradesh Police lodged an FIR and promised help to Singh, However, nothing happened, the police could not find Babita.

Months passed by, and Tapeshwar  Singh's belief that he would find his wife one day got firmer.

On November 2016, Singh found Babita sitting alone by the wayside in Haldwani.

Talking to the daily, Singh said: "I first rubbed my eyes in disbelief. she was covered just in tatters, but it was her. Her sight almost paralysed me. For eight months I had searched for her day and night. I spent every penny I had saved in the last decade on a journey that sometimes seemed futile. But there she was.”

Babita told the TOI that said she didn't really know how she ended up in Haldwani.

"I know she has a weak mental makeup and understand that it makes her more vulnerable to abuse," Singh told the daily. "That made me anxious, but also determined to find her.

On Sunday, a man at Brajghat contacted me and said he thought he saw Babita begging in Haldwani. I immediately set out for Uttarakhand. I searched for her the entire day in Haldwani, but with little success. Quite late in the evening as I was wondering what to do next, I spotted her. We are going home now."

News Source: Times of india: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/patna/Bihar-man-on-bicycle-finds-wife-after-9-months/articleshow/55444150.cms