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what are the rules for perfect fasting

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What are the rules of perfect fasting?

Fasting is abstinence or reduction of taking food or drinks over a period of time. Fasting is normally oberserved for a period of a day or towards a couple of days.

We live in a society where eating food all the time has become a habit. People eat all the time even if they are not hungry and also as the food is easily available all around that it is indeed a very less percentage of people around the world who fast often.

What is fasting:- Fasting is a process by a individual human being to abstain food over a period of time. Many a times fasting s done as a part of religion activity in order to satisfy certain god or goddesses. However fasting has its own effect on an individual who fast it.

Caution:- It is important that you know your body limit wheter you can do the fasting of not, be sure if you do fasting it dosent harm your body system. Say for if someone is a diabatic patient he/she cant be without food for long time or other if required do check your doctor before going for regular fasting.

What are advantages of fasting? Human body is a great machine that can do many things which we can’t imagine, like it has the immune system, self maintain of the cells and body etc. Before giving any advantage of fasting let us come forward with certain example: - let’s take an example of a house, where we have many people living inside the house. Now what happens, the inmates in the house prepare food in the kitchen daily, at least 2 to 3 times a day. This is the part of the daily job. So the most percent of the house the cook stays in the kitchen, doing most of the house hold activities in the kitchen and doing so he/she may ignore the other areas. Now in a week if one day the cook doesn’t goes in the kitchen, he/she may move on to other location of the house and can clean the other places as well. Same things happen with the human body as well. Or human body is mostly concentrated in the digestion process, it takes a quite long time and a lot of energy is consumed whle the food digestion.

So now if we do the fasting, this will reduce the body from the long digestive process and the energy will move to the other areas of the body for cleanup. This increases the immunity of the body and help in cleaning of the body, kidney and other areas.

What are the myths? No myths yet.

What are the different types of fasting? There are mainly two types of fasting

  1. Classical fasting
  2. Normal fasting

What are the rules of perfect fasting? It all depends on you how you start your fast, how ever we can suggest you with certain recommendations

  1. Make sure at the start of the fast the stomach is clean from the previous day.
  2. You can start your fast at the start of the day.
  3. Make sure to drink a lot of water during fast, this will help in cleaning up the body in more faster way.
  4. If still hungry go for the raw fruits, instead of juice.