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What are the rules to stop at traffic signals

Traffic signals are the important stops where often a vehicle stops for some time before making headway. It is important because it balances the overall traffic on the road, avoids accidents and several others things.

So it is important to stop at signals on the traffic signals based on the traffic instruction being set for the driver. Red to stop, orange means ready to go or move cautiously and green means you are free to go.

What are the important rules that need to be followed while driving on the road and stopping at the signals.


Predict the stoppage: - often you can see the stoppage signals clearly, but many a time’s stoppage is not easily visible while crossing a signal. So when ever crossing a major or small signal, slow down and go ahead. If you are able to see any signal make sure you follow the instruction.

Slow down: - check for the speed you are driving and slow down if you are too fast depending upon the distance of you from the signal. Normally you can follow the speed limit given in your state, city. If you follow this normally you can easily stop at the signal.

Smooth stop: - rather than giving a sudden brake, try to stop smoothly on the signal. Check for a solid white bar on the road, stop before it. If there is not path mentioned to stop, then stop just before the signal, also you can see for other instructions. If there are already other vehicles stopped, stop before them.

Respect the pedestrians:- if there are other pedestrians moving across the road like people walking, cycling, strolling, skating etc, then let them go before you go yourself.

Respect who came first:- let the people go first who came first, don’t try to jump before them. if two vehicle come at the same time on the signal. A driver turning left must allow the driver going straight. He must not act as a blockage for the other vehicles.

Go green: - Once you see the green signal, you can smile you are eligible to go ahead on the road.