America got angry at Talibani government, said while showing eyes - we have our eyes on both your words and deeds

The Taliban claimed that this time our regime will be better and more inclusive. We will paint a different picture from the old regime between 1996 and 2001. But as the days pass by, the Taliban are displaying their own cruel Talibani face. Both his decrees and his actions have become a cause of criticism all over the world.

The Taliban has announced that it will continue to carry out brutal punishments like hanging, amputation in Afghanistan. Amidst the Taliban's alleged claims of providing better and inclusive governance in Afghanistan, its actions have exposed the real face of the terrorist organization, the Taliban has announced that it is going to punish by hanging, hand-off and mutilation in Afghanistan. The barbarian will bring back the punishment again. However, Super Power America has strongly condemned this statement of the Taliban and said that we are keeping an eye on both its words and actions.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price reacted strongly to the Taliban's recent statement on implementing Sharia laws. "The Taliban's Sharia law is a clear violation of human rights and they are working with the international community to ensure human rights in Afghanistan," he said. 

Ned Price said that we are monitoring not only the statement of the Taliban but also its action in Afghanistan. Price said the US stood with Afghan journalists, civilian activists, women, children, human rights activists and people with disabilities and asked the Taliban to ensure their rights.

America's response came at a time when Mullah Nuruddin Turabi, one of the founders of the Taliban, said that once again the death penalty and amputation of limbs will be given in Afghanistan. However, it had said that it is possible that such punishment may not be given in public places. Turabi has clearly said that the world has criticized us for punishing in the stadium. We haven't said anything about their rules and regulations. In such a situation, no one should tell us what our rules should be. We will follow Islam and make our laws on Quran.

A day after the Taliban warned of the resumption of punishments such as hanging and hand and body beheading, the organization followed suit. The dead bodies of four people were brutally hung at the intersections by means of cranes. The Taliban have been promising a softer regime than their previous term since taking power in Afghanistan on August 15, but several reports of human rights abuses have already emerged from across the country.

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