Yasha Asley’s age is 14 years. Yasha is one of Britain's Youngest Intelligent Minds. He is a degree holder in the UK's Leicester University. They also offer math tuitions. He is the youngest student and youngest employee in UK history. Yasha gave up interviewing many people at the age of 13 and they were also selected.
The University of Leicester City Council has received special permissions because it is the youngest employee. Students also run tuition classes for students. Students who have a problem in math lectures, take tuition from success.

Proud Yasha said: ‘I am having the best years of my life. I love going to university and I love my new job helping other students. 

‘No more school uniform for me thank you very much.’

Yasha is called Human Calculator. After completing his course, he is preparing to do Ph.D. Yash had studied his Math degree in 2014 at the age of 12 after studying in State Primary School. He is the first child in the world who has been level scoring in Math.

4- He got 100 and 99 percent marks in 2 out of six papers when he was only 8 years old. They crossed 9th and 10th level of Math and Statics. After completing his primary schooling in 6 years, he went straight to university. Yasha believes that Math is the only science. Only here you can offer that whatever you are saying is right. Yasha's father Moussa Asley, is proud of him. His father says that when I take him university every day I am very excited. He said “I am just so proud watching him flourish and grow doing something he loves. He is so good at understanding problems and explaining them in a clear way he is perfect for the job''.

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