Newslaundry says JNU ABVP students just got some superficial injuries

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India: Newslaundry has published news related to the JNU incident, claiming the JNU ABVP students just got some superficial injuries, comparing them to the injuries to the leftist supported students of receiving serious injuries in nature. The article published on newslaundry is based on the comments by a doctor by the name of Dr. Harjit Singh Bhatti. Barkha Dutt and many others quoted Dr. Harjit Singh Bhatti in their tweets and posts.

Barkha Dutt, in the above tweet, tried to make the tweet look like an official tweet from AIMS by stating it as official, however, the AIIMS has never made any official statement on the JNU and AVBP members. Dr. Harjit Singh Bhatti doesn't represent as an official member of AIIMS.

So who is Dr. Harjit Singh Bhatti, is he a Doctor at AIIMS? Does he represent the media at AIIMS? Is he the president of AIIMS? No nothing, he doesn’t represent AIIMS in any way. His Twitter profile says he was president of the Resident Doctors’ Association at AIIMS, Actually, a lot can be seen on his Twitter profile as “Ex-President, RDA, AIIMS, New Delhi, National President, Progressive Medicos & Scientists Forum (PMSF) IMA Resident Doctor of The Year.”, but nothing clear what he is now.


Swati Goel Sharma, Journalist at swarajyamag questioned Bhatti stating, “Turns out this doctor is an anti-CAA activist who has been mobilizing crowds against the Act and “Modi Shah” NL, he is hardly an expert medical voice to be quoted for student injuries”

After which  Bhatti replied back stating as, “I am a doctor, i am dedicated towards my profession & patient care. I am under oath to serve without discrimination. I don’t align myself with the idea & ideology of Modi Shah. Is this too difficult to accept by these snapshoter trolls. Person can be professional without Bhakti”

So it did not deny the fact that indeed Bhatti has been instrumental in organizing the Anti CAA protest across the north. This activist doctor’s statement is being passed as an expert medical opinion of doctors who treated the students.

News laundry says quoting Bhatti, who does not represent the media cell at AIIMS or any government or political person to speak on behalf of the incident

  1. Bhatti was equally reluctant to believe the ABVP’s part of the argument. “Medically speaking, the injuries their activists allegedly sustained looked superficial. So, their claim seems questionable,”. 
  2. Some alleged ABVP fellows with superficial injuries also got themselves admitted into the emergency and were making the other patients and doctors uncomfortable.
  3. Bhatti said that when they sent ambulances from AIIMS to the JNU campus to bring the other injured, about 100 goons attacked the vehicle and the medical team inside it.
  4. Bhatti claimed the police were disinclined to file a complaint when his colleagues approached them.
  5. According to Bhatti, it appeared that many of them had been attacked very bluntly with sharp objects. All the injured were stable and out of danger, he added.

So much to quote for whole news based on the claims of a person who does not represent any of this as an official statement from AIIMS.

It is extremely curious and important to know more about the doctor who is may not employed at AIIMS, and it is not known where he currently works, got access to the trauma center of AIIMS, and was able to make serious allegations against some of the students admitted there. This is definitely an unauthorized intervention by an outsider.

But why the doctor Bhatti made such anti-ABVP comments and targeted Bhakts and Modi, the answer to that question lies in the fact that he has political links. Dr Harjit Singh Bhatti is the national convenor of the All India Medical Cell of the Congress party. In February last year, he was appointed to the post in the Congress party.

Dr Bhatti is not a doctor at AIIMS, hence he is not authorized to comment on treatments being done at the hospital. He is convenor of the medical cell of the Congress party, and a vocal critic of Modi government.

Newslaundry report does not mention any of this about Bhatti, most of this information is in public domain. This means Newslaundry have deliberately hidden the political affiliations of the doctor and used his comments to defame ABVP members from JNU.

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