Gujarat: On Saturday (August 19th), a crowd of over 100 people attacked a police force trying to save the cows brought to be killed in a large numbers in Godhra, Gujarat. Godhra vice-chancellor VK Nai told that the police had to fire 18 rounds of Tear gas after the attack. He said, "The place where the cattle were kept when the police arrived there, the crowd threw stones at them. In order to isolate the crowd, the police had to shoot 18 rounds of Tear gas shells at the mob."

When security forces got information about the animals brought to the slaughter, they sharpened the siege of the area. A Barber said that the police found there a large number of cattle have been tied up. When the police tried to take away the cattle from the place, they were attacked by the crowd.

He said, "We seized 49 cattle from there and took them to the Gaushala." The officer said that further investigation is underway in this case by lodging an FIR in B division Police Station. There is a ban on killing cow in Gujarat. There have been some changes made in the law in 2017. Now the culprit of cau slaughter may have to face life imprisonment and fined five lakhs.

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