Kids in a Madrasa in Islamabad singing SALAM TALIBAN in praise of Taliban.

There has been an atmosphere of 'happiness' in Pakistan since the Taliban's occupation of Afghanistan. There is a huge section in Pakistan that is supporting the Taliban. It mostly includes people belonging to religious groups. In fact, a Taliban flag hoisted on Madrasa has been seen on the roof of a women's Madrasa in the neighbouring country's capital Islamabad. However, seeing the controversy escalating, the city administration intervened and the flag was taken down from the roof of the madrasa.

The same school went ahead with a video of kids and girls from Pakistan where a group of kids can be heard singing songs praising the Taliban.  The kids are least aware that singing is haram and the Taliban has just banned music and singing.

After hoisting Taliban flags on its rooftop, Jamia Hafsa – a seminary in Pakistan’s Islamabad – organized an event to celebrate the takeover of Afghanistan.

Students studying in the seminary linked to Islamabad’s Lal Masjid were seen singing songs praising the Taliban. The video has gone viral on social media inviting sharp reactions from the Afghans.

Afghanistan’s former interior minister Masoud Andarabi tweeted: “Taliban’s brutality continues in Andarab. Today they brutally killed folkloric singer, Fawad Andarabi who simply was bringing joy to this valley and its people.” The Taliban killed a popular Afghan folk singer just days after the group said it hoped to ban music from being played in public in Afghanistan

Sharing the video of the event, Pakistani journalist Roohan Ahmed said in his tweet, “The students of Jamia Hafsa, a seminary linked with Islamabad’s Lal Masjid, are singing a song ‘Salam Taliban’ in an event celebrating the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.”

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