Omicron is not dangerous, it is Super dangerous can reach 10 lakh in 2 months

New Delhi: The concern of the whole world has increased regarding the new infection of coronavirus, Omicron. Everyone is scared to see the increasing number of infected. In view of this, restrictions have been implemented in different states of the country. Apart from this, strictness has been started regarding masks and social distancing.

Meanwhile, Dr TS Anish, a member of the COVID Expert Committee (Kerala) said that the number of Omicron cases is expected to reach 1000 in 2-3 weeks.

He said, "Global trends suggest that the number of Omicron cases in the world is going to reach 1000 in 2-3 weeks and maybe 1 million in 2 months." It is not more than a month before a major and severe infection appears in India. We need to stop this.

At the same time, Dr Sambit, Director (Medical), KIMS (Hyderabad) says, we expect an increase in the COVID numbers by the end of January as we are not isolated from the world. Whatever the world is facing, we will also face it. Hopefully, we will not have as many critically ill patients this time as we did earlier.

The number of infected with Omicron in the country has increased to 415, which is a matter of concern. This number is increasing rapidly. In view of this, the government is also taking many steps. Looking at the speed at which Omicron is growing in India, experts are of the opinion that Omicron may explode in the country in February.

See how many cases of Omicron in which state-

Maharashtra- 108


Gujarat- 43

Telangana- 38

Kerala- 37

Tamil Nadu- 34

Karnataka- 31

Rajasthan- 22

Haryana - 4

Odisha - 4

Andhra Pradesh - 4

Jammu and Kashmir - 3

West Bengal – 3

 Uttar Pradesh-2

Chandigarh - 1

Ladakh-1 Uttarakhand - 1

Talking about the active cases of corona in the country, in the last 579 days, the least active cases are on Saturday. There are currently 77,032 active cases of corona in the country.

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