Omicron Live Update: Data for Omicron, infection up to 452 in India

New Delhi: Omicron is now spreading very fast in India. Along with this, the danger of the third wave is also increasing. So far, Omicron has spread to 17 states and union territories. A total of 452 patients have been found in the country so far. In view of the increasing cases, Christmas and New Year parties have been banned in many states of the country. Corona's new variant Omicron is also taking a frightening form. In view of this, from December 25 till the new year, the governments have started taking strict action.

Maharashtra ranks first with 110 infected, while Delhi is in second place with a total of 79 patients. Gujarat (43), Telangana (38), Kerala (38), Tamil Nadu (34), Karnataka (38), Rajasthan (43), Odisha (4), Haryana (4), P. There are cases in Bengal (3), Jammu and Kashmir (3), Uttar Pradesh (2) Chandigarh (1), Ladakh (1), Uttarakhand (1).

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