PM Modi at UNGA: PM Modi's advice to the United Nations, choose Chanakya and Tagore's words

New Delhi: What was expected happened. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strongly advocated reforms in the United Nations. He has advised that if it does not move towards reforms, it will lose its relevance. The PM said that today many questions are being raised on the UN. He has to increase his credibility. This will happen only when there are improvements in it according to the need of the time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on Saturday.

It was already expected that PM Modi would vigorously raise the issue of reforms in the United Nations. He did the same. With great beauty in his address, he gave advice to the United Nations. For this, he chose the words of India's great diplomats Acharya Chanakya and Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

The Prime Minister said that Acharya Chanakya had said centuries ago - 'Kalati Kramat Kaal Eva Phalam Pibti'. This means that when the right work is not done at the right time, then only time destroys the success of that work.

PM Modi cautioned that if the United Nations has to keep itself relevant, then it will have to increase its effectiveness. Credibility has to be increased. Many questions are being raised on the UN today. We have seen these questions during environment and covid. Proxy wars, terrorism in many parts of the world and now the crisis in Afghanistan have deepened these questions.

Why did it have to be mentioned?
India has been demanding reform of the United Nations for a long time. Right now most of its institutions are dominated by developed countries. Whether it is the General Assembly or the Security Council, the need for reforms is visible everywhere. For example, the resolutions passed by the General Assembly are not binding. This is a big weakness. Similarly, India wants to increase the number of both non-permanent and non-permanent members of the Security Council. He believes that in the changing world, the United Nations is in need of strength as well as strictness. Promoting development should be the first condition.

Message to Pakistan
PM Modi, pointing to Pakistan, said that the countries which are using terrorism as a political tool, have to understand that terrorism is an equally big threat to them. It is very important to ensure that the soil of Afghanistan is not used for spreading terrorism and terrorist attacks. He said that we also have to be careful that no country tries to use it as a tool for its own selfishness for delicate situations there.

Where did you see the flaw?
The World Health Organization (WHO), a United Nations-affiliated institution, has been facing constant criticism since the Covid-19 crisis broke out in China in December 2019. The institution faced condemnation for not properly managing the crisis. Former US President Donald Trump called the WHO a puppet of China. It was alleged that he is trying to cover up the matter from where the epidemic started and is allowing the epidemic to spread all over the world.

At the same time, the World Bank recently said that it is closing its ambitious 'Doing Business' publication. It took this decision citing irregularities in the figures of the recent editions of the Global Business Climate Index. The decision to shut down the publication was taken after an investigation revealed that some top executives of the bank had allegedly put pressure on China to improve its ranking in 2017. PM Modi said, 'Where did Covid-19 start and ranking related to ease of doing business, global governance institutions have lost their hard-earned credit of decades'.

Modi mentioned Tagore
The Prime Minister ended his address at the United Nations General Assembly with the words of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore. He said that Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore had said- 'Shubho Kormo-Pothe, Dhoro Nirbhoyo Gaan, Shob Durbol Sonshoy, Hok Obosan.'

Explaining its meaning, PM Modi said that go boldly on your auspicious path. Eliminate weaknesses and doubts. This message is very relevant to the United Nations. The same applies to every responsible country. He expressed confidence that everyone's efforts will increase peace and harmony in the world. This will be good for the world.

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