Dhule (Maharashtra): In the last few days many people were killed by the crowd. The country has gradually increased the chaos of anarchy. Many a times some innocent people as well come in all of this crowd, and he loses his life. However, sometimes the convicts are punished by the crowd. But remember the task of giving punishment is of the law, not of the public. If someone is found guilty then he will get punishment by the law, not by a person.

But at the present time, incidents have happened across many places in India where crowd takes the law in its hand and punishes the accused. In the past, a woman was beaten in Bengal by the crowd badly. Later, the woman died. People said that the women were involved in smuggling of children. Maybe a woman is involved in such things, but no person has the right to determine his/her punishment.

The right to punish is only with the law. Perhaps that's why the law has been formed. And now, once again a single person was caught in between 10 t 12 people. The Unknown people killed the person in about 70 seconds for more than 100 times and killed him. The CCTV footage of this incident has been released, which is quite distracting. It is being told that the people killed him because he was rowdy Rafiduddin Safiuddin Sheikh alias Gudda.

He was attacked until he died.

About 1-12 people continued to attack with sharp weapons for about one and a half minutes. The killers attacked for more than 100 times in 70 seconds. Firstly Rafiduddin was shot, even after he did not die, he was attacked with a sharp weapon. According to the information, the vicious criminal in police records, Gudda was drinking tea at a shop. Only then some people came there with sharp weapons and shortgun.

Murder caused by mutual rivalry:

The person who had a gun  shot him first. After that, he pulled out Gadda and attacked him with swords until he died. It is being told that there were 33 criminal cases registered against Gunda Rafiuddin alias Gudda. There was also a case of robbery and abduction along with burning municipal. Recently, he came out with bail fromjail. Police said the reason for the attack was conflict. The culprits have been identified on the basis of the CCTV footage.

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