New Delhi: If you are fond of cricket, you must have heard the name of Kevin Pietersen and must have known why he is so famous in the world of cricket. You must have seen many of his innings in which he has changed the game side completely. Kevin Pietersen is an explosive and dangerous batsman. Pietersen has played cricket for England for many years. And his names areassociated with a lot of record. However Pietersen now wants to play for the South Africa team and not for England.  

2019 World Cup for South Africa:

Kevin Pietersen is thinking of returning to the international cricket. But this time he will play not from England but from the team of South Africa. Kevin Pietersen is originally from South Africa. From South Africa, he started playing cricket. But later he went to England and started playing cricket for the England team. Kevin Pietersen said in the press, "I am going to play a lot of cricket for South Africa in the next two years. I am confident that if I do well, then I can make a place in South Africa's national team. My goal is to play on behalf of the South African team in 2019 World Cup. "

Kevin Pietersen's family is from South Africa. Let's tell you that Pietersen has had a lot of controversy with England and Wales. Which led to him being dropped out of the national team after the England defeat in the 2013-14 Ashes series. However Kevin Pietersen has not left the game. Pietersen said, "It will be difficult to play next year in England because my family is in Africa and I'm good at staying here this time. I will not be in England next year. I am going to play a lot of cricket for the next two years for South Africa. South Africa has not won a single World Cup so far. If Kevin Pietersen joins the South Africa team in the 2019 World Cup then the team will get a lot of strength.

Doors are open to play in the South African team for Kevin Pietersen:

Kevin Pietersen is now 37 years old. By the 2019 World Cup, he will be 40 years old. Kevin Pietersen has responded to the South African team, for his intrest to playing the World Cup. Kevin Pietersen has also assured that he will be part of South Africa's team. For the past few days Kevin Pietersen's condition is getting worse, he has been injured several times. But now it is expected that he will make a good return. And his first aggressive form will be seen. Kevin Pietersen is quite an experienced player. His previous record is also impressive, he has scored 8181 runs in 104 tests, 4440 runs in 136 one-dayers and 1176 runs in 37 T20 internationals.

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