VK Sasikala's rise to the Chief Minister's office from her previous role as J Jayalalithaa's caretaker and housekeeper has been rather too fast, but the road ahead looks extremely uncertain despite a comfortable majority for the AIADMK support in the state assembly and her complete control over the party, still there is something is missing.

Similar to her case was that of Rabri Devi of Bihar, when see too was made the unpected Chief minister of the state, but to her favour she had Lalu Yadav, one of the best politician of the state backing her, however in the case of Sasikala there is no political godfather of godmother standing in the support.

For reason unknown, Sasikala has been much impatient to grab power and fullfill the vacuum left behind by late J Jayalalithaa.

  1. She became first the general secretary of the AIADMK
  2. Next now as the leader of the parliamentary party.

She knows that if she does not take the deep plunge now, the challenges ahead may swell down further and drown her.

The question is running too fast to the top position can also make you fall steeply.

The Supreme Court verdict on the disproportionate assets (DA) case:

VK Sasikala was one of the co-accused in the Disproportionate Assets case along with Jayalalithaa which is pending now in the Supreme Court. Soon after she was elected as the new Chief Minister, national dailies like times of India that the Supreme Court will pronounce its verdict on the case next week, which remains a tough position for her.

The Supreme Court verdict can go either way still not much clear. The fact is that the charges against Jayalalithaa, Sasikala and two of her family members also included conspiracy and the SC may not be able to overlook that going by its own earlier judgement. In such a case, what awaits Sasikala as the new Chief Minister is incarceration.

According to Veteran special public prosecutor BV Acharya who appeared for Karnataka in the case, said since the case had been posted for judgement, the question doesn't even arise. However, some journalist argue that the charges are under the Prevention of Corruption Act and since Jayalalithaa, was the public servant only for whom the Act was applicable, is no more, the charges against others cannot be extended.

However, the indisputable fact is that the charges against Jayalalithaa, Sasikala and two of her family members also included conspiracy and the Supreme Court may not be ignored.

Public not happy with Sasikala and electoral:

V K Sasikala may have won the approval of the AIADMK, its MLAs and top leaders, but not of the people of Tamil Nadu, the electorate, through votes. She lacks total of a political legacy. She had been just a shadow to Jayalalithaa for such a long time that she even must have forgotten what how to act from the front. As soon as the news of her elevation was announced, social media especially on facebook twitter and whatsapp it set things on fire with posts expressing shock and ridicule. Even at the height of Jaya's alleged misrule from 1991 to 96, nobody from the general public had dared express their views publicly. It looks the same this time people speak very less openly in Tamil Nadu fearing of some for form of harm may be physically and monitory wise.

However with the rise of the social media and other technical tools, the expressions of dissent are going to be different and the conventional tricks of the police and state intelligence might not be good enough.

The recent public and young youth uprising on Marina beach and elsewhere in the state in which millions participated, is an early warning sign. Though there was also video came where it showed how the police acted on the people who tried to spread violence, still not clear from which side it was more, police or general public.

Getting elected to the assembly:

Chances are she survives the threat of the DA case by the Supreme Court of India. Her next big hurdle would be getting elected to the assembly in the next six months.

She is completely untested as she had never fought a electoral battle. She may have won over the party but that does not mean anything in terms of people mandate of the Tamilans.  Only time will say how good her electoral outcome may be. Probably she might be fighting from RK Nagar in Chennai, vacated by Jayalalithaa  or she will choose Thevar- dominated constituency in in the southern districts such as Theni and Dindigul. Sasikala is a Thevar and the community has been one of AIADMK's pillars of support. If the common public sentiment against her is bad in the initial months, it will be hard.

Jaya's legacy is too big to carry:

Jaya was a politician with enormous stature; Even if Sasikala manages to keep herself afloat for six months, survive the DA case and win the election still filling the heels of Jaya political legacy will be impossible. Jaya was a politician whom evens the centre would never dare to go against easily.  She had done so many welfare schemes for the poor that no one can match her. The general public will expect the same from her.

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