Viral Claim: A Viral message claims thatModiji has finally achieved his objective, India is the number 1 country in the world.... for fake news.

Facts Check: Fake

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Modiji has finally achieved his objective, India is the number 1 country in the world.... for fake news! Congratulations NoMo, your party's efforts to peddle lies have succeeded.

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Facts Check Analysis:

The Indian National congress promoted news from a website newscentral24, which claimed that India is number 1 country in the world to produce fake news. The Congress twitter handle went ahead to congratulate PM Modi to achieve this target.

This news was mostly followed by the people who follow the INC twitter, however at time of writing this article this was tweeted by more than 1000 people.

The congress party took this information from the website newscentral24x7. The survey result of newscentral24*7 is based on the results of just one survey, Microsoft survey, released a few days earlier.

The Microsoft survey, covering 22 countries and coming a few months ahead of the general elections, shows that as many as 64 percent of the Indians surveyed have encountered fake news as against the global average of 57 per cent. The survey finds that there has been a sharp 9 percentage points increase in family and friends spreading online risks to 29 percent.

This was claimed by many other online news websites, however Microsoft did not claim any point of time that India is number 1 country on the world to produce fake news.

Microsoft says, Other top countries in the spread of fake news include Columbia and Hungary with 67%.

People around the world report increased civility online, new Microsoft research shows - Microsoft on the Issues

People around the world and in the U.S., Germany, France and Belgium, in particular, are experiencing increased levels of online civility, data from a new Microsoft research study show. The findings are being released in conjunction with international Safer Internet Day, Feb. 5. Microsoft's Digital Civility Index (DCI) fell two points in the latest year...

The India index was 59% (vs the global index of 66%), reflecting a gain of 2 points y-o-y, indicating a better level of online civility in the country. A lower index indicates lower risk exposure and a higher perceived level of online civility among the population. The survey showed that unwanted contact continues to be the standout risk across geographies and demographics.

  • India ranks 7th among 22 countries surveyed

You can also find more details on the worldwide report here.

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