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Did Hyderabad Ban Kite Flying During Makar Sankranti, 2019?

Brief Outline: Kite flying is banned during Makar Sankranti is a breaking news making headline in social media.

Facts Check: True

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Facts Check Analysis: Makar Sankranti is synonymous to kite flying too. People across India are seen on their roof tops flying kite but according to the report Kite-flying in religious places and thoroughfares have been banned by the police here from January 14 to 15 on the occasion of Sankranti festival.

Police commissioner Anjani Kumar, in his order, advised people not to fly kites or allow their children to run on roads or climb electric posts to collect tangled kites.

He said, ”In order to maintain law and order, peace and tranquillity and to prevent incidents of breach of peace and accident that are likely to occur, kite-flying is regulated during the celebration of Sankranti festival in the Hyderabad city from January 14-15.”

The police official said parents must advise their children not to fly kites from terraces which do not have parapet walls to avoid any untoward incident.

The headline of PTI’s story calls it a ban but the reality is that it is applicable to only few areas such as religious places and thoroughfares.