Viral Message: Gaurav Pradhan, “This is an intellectually –challenged dimwit from Bollywood that is believed to be financed by the Mafia.

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Farhan Akhtar has said "It was Jumma(Friday) on Jan 26, so the Tiranga Yatra should not have made its way through "Muslim Mohalla", and if so, the youth would not have got killed!"


Viral Message Verification:-   A message being shared By Gaurav Pradhan with a defaming message to the bollywood actor Farhan Akthar. The spam message read as “This is an intellectually –challenged dimwit from Bollywood that is believed to be financed by the Mafia.

But don’t worry; all RW/HRW will watch is film and make it to 100Cr club”. However after severe backslash over the twitter the message was deleted.

It is a fake message was being spread by Gaurav Pradhan, He is being followd by our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and DigVijay Singh.

Farhan Akhtar himself clarified of this message that he never twitted any such messages. He wrote

To my followers and other users of this platform,
Please be very cautious about what you choose to believe on social media. There are sinister forces at work trying their best to foster hate. Be aware of it and do your research before believing and/or reacting to anything.

 @TwitterIndia this is a malicious tweet with a statement that I did not make being ascribed to me. Kindly take necessary action against this user. …

Gaurav Pradhan, later deleted his tweet however instead of giving a apology, he shot up another question to the Celebraty. He said “Thanks for clarification @FarOutAkhtar BUT the larger question is where is ur intolerant Brigade mom dad who jump on every issue?? Why they take so many sleeping pills? या सांप सूंघ गया #KasganjTruth के नाम पे …

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