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Fact Check: Did Three Sisters from Rajasthan Clear IAS Exams?

Viral Message: Picture of three sisters from Rajasthan, with their mother, recently went viral on the social media, with the girls being lauded for successfully passing the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examinations together.

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Fact Check by Ayupp– False/Fake/news

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A photo is roaming on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter of three sisters from Rajasthan, with their mother. Three girls are feeding their old mother sweet. Caption says that the three girls have passed the examination of IAS simultaneously.

In this caption, it has also been written that daughters mother worked night and day for the growth of her daughters. Salute to these daughters along with their mother.

But the truth is different.These daughters have not passed the examination of the IAS. They passed the examination of RAS which the RPSC (Public Service Commission) does. Just like IAS, the UPSC (the Union Public Service Commission) is the Union Public Service Commission.

Now know what the difference between the two.The RAS exam is lower level than IAS exam. IAS examination is very hard as  compared to RAS. Passing the RAS, we get a job in Rajasthan while IAS passes and gets a post in the Central Government. There are many questions related to the RAS exam in Rajasthan, but there are questions related to national and international issues in the IAS.

Here are some of the responses from the twitter spreading fake news without any truth.

☫SINGH ਰਾਜਪੂਤ☬🇮🇳 (@HatindersinghR) November 22, 2017

As claimed in social media posts, the examination ranks of the three sisters – 32, 64, and 128 – could not be verified, and no mainstream news organisation has carried this piece of news.

A Hindi news website The Lallantop claims that the mother of the three girls, Mira Devi told them that it wasn’t easy to educate her three daughters, as she was mocked by people for not getting them married, despite them being of marriageable age.

Mira Devi had gotten her two other daughters Prem and Manju married earlier, but didn’t do the same with Kamla, Geeta and Mamata (who cleared the RAS exams) as they wanted to pursue higher studies.

This news already published in the local newspaper of Rajasthan claiming the sisters passed RAS exam not IAS.