Floating stone in Ram Setu – Magic of Shri Rama

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Confirmation by Ayupp.com –  Floating Rock is real, but its science behing it and not Hauman jee

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शेयर जरूर करे
इस पेज को लाइक करे
जय श्री राम


Ayupp Analysis – The above viral news mentions that due to grace of Lord Hanuman, stone can float on water if Ram is written on it. This story tale comes a long way from the story of Ramayana. When Shri Ram wanted to go to Lanka ( now Sri Lanka) from Rameshwaram to rescue his wife Sita from the prison of Ravana. He didn’t find any way to go so asked help from Hanuman. Hanuman along with Nala and Vanara created Ram Setu and the entire army walked on the floating bridge made of stone. This bridge was build till Lanka.

Now, it is said that those stone still exist and they float on water till now. Floating stone is fact and can be seen in Rameshwaram and many places around the world.

There are various logic which scientifically proof that stone can float on water.

Logic 1 - For instance, if air is trapped within a shell of silica it would look like a stone, but it will be lighter than normal stone and can even float. You must have also seen ice floating in water. These stone follow almost same principal.

Logic 2 – The second logic explains about the Pumice stones. Pumice is usually referred to the stone which are hardened form of lava. They erupt from volcano. Inside the core of earth temperature is very high ( above 1500 degree Celsius). So when this hot stone erupts out of volcano and meets cool air or cool water, then chances are very high that bubbles are formed inside stone. If there is bubbles then chances of that stone to float increase drastically.

Hence, the concept of floating stone due to grace and magic of Hunuman is just a myth. Science has answers to almost all of our queries.

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