HOW GOD DESTROYED THE EVIL SNAKE, can snake live in a stomach for 18 years?

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Viral Message: God came through for me this year, around February, I started going to Redeem church of God. We had a program for women praying for the fruit of the womb and while praying,

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Viral message example- My name is Amaka Ene and this is my story,
I was married for 18 years without a child. My husband and I tried so many Doctors, some claimed it was fibroids and others claim my womb is gone but my problems started when I got married, I went to visit my husband's mother who does not support me marrying his son. She hates me passionately.

The first night we slept at her place, I had a terrible dream that I swallowed a snake and when I woke up I started feeling a movement in my chest and this lasted for 18 years! I did all sort of xray but we couldn't find anything.

Anytime I get pregnant, I will start feeling the movement in my chest and then a painful bite in my stomach, immediately I will have miscarriage. I had 10 miscarriages until I was told my womb was damaged.

But God came through for me this year, around February, I started going to Redeem church of God. We had a program for women praying for the fruit of the womb and while praying, the pastor came to me and said "Sister who did this to you?" I was speechless because I don't know what the pastor was talking about. The pastor held my neck and scream,


immediately I started feeling the strange movement in my chest! Then I felt dizzy and lost control. I woke up in the hospital and I saw our church pastor, my husband and the doctor beside me. My husband was crying heavily, I asked him why and he said "THE SNAKE IS NO MORE" MY WIFE, I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES! WE DID AN X RAY AND WE SAW IT BUT NOW IT IS NO MORE!

Mothers in the house! With tears in my eyes as I am sending this message to you, I AM 5 MONTH PREGNANT WITH TWINS! and My mother in law died last month.

Now I declare to you, every seed devourer living in your womb or anywhere in your body, ENOUGH! COME OUT IN JESUS NAME! You will get pregnant this month! Amen.

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Viral Message Verification:-  A news on the social media beng widely shared of a snake in a stomach. However be very clear no snake can survive in any human body.

The image used in this post has manipulated and is not correct. This type of image can be easily created by PaintShop Pro, Photoshop or any other editors, so don’t believe in the picture posted along with the viral message.   

This news was first published in a website thenewsjournalph last year with a title

Woman Shares How Her Mother-In-Law Put A “Snake” On Her Tummy To Prevent Her From Getting Pregnant. However there is no fact to support the claims.

Non of the pages of the website like aboutus, disclaimer etc work and the site is not updated since last year.

The digitally manipulated creation, showing that the reptile in the human body is not possible, until it is a myth, fiction or story.

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