World trade centre did not collapse due to fire

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Confirmation by Ayupp.com – Looks like true. Still we should wait for its confirmation.

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Sudharshan TV is claiming that the real Ram Rahim has fled and the fakeone is inside the Jail!! 


Fake Ram Rahim in Jain and the real one is out of the country just like Vijay Malalaya, here is the fun again BJP has scammed this event since Ram Rahim had BJP Politicians Hidden Videos with Sex, Booz and Enjoyment. The one inside the jail is a Dumbo Rahim. No similarity at all with the actual Ram Rahim. Kaliyug ki Suruvat PM Modi and Amit Shah are the vinash of India with Saache ko Jhoot aur Jhoot kou Sach Banane kay liye. The fake Ram Rahim is about 10 years younger than the actual one, Wow the duplicate Saddam Husseins are now in India too.


Ayupp Analysis – As per the social media, recently movie of Ram Rahim was launched, where he had very short hairs. So there has been speculations that how can his hair grow so song in such small period of time.

To show small hair and beard on screen is not big designers. There are various techniques to do same. We found some videos on youtube. Would like to share with you :

Even ABP news did some analysis on this matter and found that this is a fake news. Check the below link for more details.


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