Kalam Vajpayee Scholarships – Modi Government 10th 12th Pass

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Dear all,Please inform all parents of 10th and 12th passed children.There is a scholarship scheme by our PM Narendra modi in the name of AbdulKalam and Vajpayee. for students scoring more than 75% Who will get ₹10,000/These forms r available in the muncipalcorporation .Pls do not ignore .For 12th std ,above 85% its 25000₹Frwd in all grps.Someone somewhere needs link to download application

Dear All,
this is to inform you that there is a scholarship scheme by our PM Narendra Modi in the name of Abdul kalam and Vajpayee for students who secure more than 75% .visit to know about our region. This is for all the 10th pass out children.

10 वी आणि 12 वी पास विद्यार्थ्यांच्या पालकांना विशेष माहिती कळवण्यात येते की, शासनाने मा . अब्दुल कलाम व अटलबिहारी वाजपेयी यांचे नावाने नवीन शिष्यवृत्ती योजना सुरु केली आहे. ज्या मुलांनी 10 वी मध्ये 50% मार्क मिळवले त्यांना 11,000/- रूपये आणि ज्या मुलांनी 12 वी मध्ये 60% मार्क मिळवले त्यांना 20,000/- शिष्यवृत्ती मिळवता येईल. त्यासा� ी लागणारे फॉर्म व माहिती आपल्या जवळील महानगर पालिकेत / नगर पालीकेत मिळेल. कृपया ही माहिती वाचून पुढे पा� वण्यास सहकार्य करा एखाद्या गरजवंताला मदत होऊ शकेल. धन्यवाद....!


Our Analysis – There is a link provided in the viral message above. If you go through that page, then none of the links and pdf’s inform about this scheme of 10th and 12th Pass.  These all details raises question on the authenticity of this message.

Conclusion – None of the government or any prime media houses has ever reported about this scholarships. Hence we declare it as a fake and viral message. I want to inform my readers that for any scholarship launced by central government, information will always be provide on the government site. Please visit to get latest updates of government schemes and scholarships. 

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